“You’ve got one life on this planet…”

“Why not try and build something big?”

I had been toying with the idea of starting my own publication here on Medium for a while. I know, I know. It’s just Medium. And honestly, I don’t expect or hope for something “big” out of this at all. I think the act of just starting something is important on its own. And this phrase, said by Naval Ravikant, really hit me at the perfect time.

A little about the publication itself. This publication will be about existential philosophy, mostly. And by existential philosophy, I mean philosophy that we embody in our everyday lives. Just hearing the word “existential” evokes images of French youth smoking cigarettes wearing turtlenecks. Although I rock a turtleneck sweater, I won’t be doing any of the smoking or joining any communist clicks that came with the original brand of existentialism.

Really I’m just a guy that likes coffee and philosophy a little too much, and I hope you’ll stay and enjoy the ride.

Here’s a picture of Coffee for your enjoyment



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Matthew David

Matthew David


Philosopher. Writer. Coffee Addict. I write about Philosophy from the Ancient Greeks to Existentialism. https://medium.com/@matthew-david/about ←Learn more here