New York Kinda Sucks

How is the average person to live here?

Matthew David
6 min readSep 3


I just moved to this city last month for the second time. This time, it sucks even more.

Let me give you some backstory.

Some years ago, I was living in New York in a shared apartment with three other people. I had a very small room that was able to fit a twin-sized bed and a desk and it had a very small closet that held my work clothes. I was out in a suburb in Queens and was surrounded by post-war apartment buildings made of red-brick. Next door was a gargantuan luxury apartment building built in the 60’s that blocked the view of the sun in the evening. I worked as a business manager but I quickly grew tired of the unimportant demanding tediousness of that work, so I got a job selling jeans in Times Square: every New Yorkers’ greatest fear.

As I grew weary of this life, and after growing incredibly ill from my terrible schedule, I moved back out to my home state of Connecticut. No, not the abundantly wealthy area of area of Fairfield County.

I stayed there in Connecticut for years, starting a “career” selling mid to high-end furniture pieces, and found success in it. But after 6 years, in 2023, I grew weary of this life once again and sought radical change.

So last month I decided to just up and leave to New York City once again. Well, with careful planning. I transferred locations, taking some clients with me that I worked with over the years, got a bit of a raise for moving to the city, and coordinated so a week after I’d arrive I would be already working and set to go.

It would seem I was all set for success! But it doesn’t feel that way…and here’s why.

First Impressions

The city seemed alright at first. Typical things. People everywhere, plenty of food options, grocery store right across the street and a family bagel shop a little down the road.

All the essentials. Even laundry and the subway.

The first thing I noticed though was how expensive the city has gotten. I mean, obviously, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, I get it and I knew it before moving here again. But this time, it’s totally overblown.

Essential groceries are insanely expensive, and the taxes are killer. I instantly knew that going out to bars or anything social would be a luxury. And this is one of…



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