An Ode to New York City

Ah, New York…

Matthew David
2 min readSep 7


Ah New York,
The City that never sleeps
Because its so exasperated

Ah New York,
The City that never sleeps
Because its possessed
by desperation

Ah New York,
The city that smells of
hot garbage
in the summer


where the wind
whips you with
in the winter

Subway cars are awash
with the sorrowful faces
that ride them
in the morning


in the evening

“We are being held momentarily
by the train’s dispatcher,”
You hear, as you walk
into the car
as you leave work

Time passes.
No movement.
The train turns local.

“Another hour,” you quietly mutter.
Another hour without your family
Another hour you sit
and wait while time passes by.

Another hour you wait
on the
Subway platform.

It grows darker and the night
grows bolder.

Ah, New York
You say to yourself
as you finally get home
and you see the
weekly cockroach sighting
on your vinyl kitchen floor.

You sit down at the dinner table
looking at the fast-food
burger slop and fries
that you picked up
on the way

You had plans to make yourself
something special
after the rough day you had

But plans never pan out here.

Another day slaving away
for fast-food and aching muscles
Another day you didn’t
work on your novel
go to the gym
make a healthy dinner
call your mother

Another day you’ve put off
Another day squandered
How long can this keep up?
How long can I endure?

The weight of existence
in a modern city
crushes the spirit of man

We’re all ants.



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